Dr. Laurie Miller: Veterinarian

Hello and thank you for your interest in Spencer Creek Animal Hospital.

I grew up in a very small town in Illinois named Shiloh. One of my fondest childhood memories was the day I received my first dog, Peppi, a silver toy poodle. My mother gave me Peppi for my 6th birthday and he became my best friend.  We did everything together and he was part of our family for many years.  As I said goodbye to him during my junior year in high school,  I remember holding him in his favorite blanket while watching his veterinarian gently give him peace. I learned and felt at a young age the power and love of the human-animal bond.  My commitment, as a veterinarian to my patients and their loving owners, is to enhance and extend those bonds as long as possible.

My first degree received was a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Information Systems from Illinois State University in 1993.  Upon graduation, I moved to St. Louis and became an accountant.  My days were spent wishing I could work in an animal hospital instead of completing financial statements.  I lasted a few years before I decided to work part time at Normandy Animal Hospital.  I would do my corporate job during the day and then change into scrubs and head to the animal hospital.  I loved every minute of my job at the animal hospital.  Within a year, I was working full time as a veterinary technician.  I would arrive early to work and stayed late.  I became obsessed with work, and, although I loved being a veterinary technician, my dream was to be a veterinarian.

I continued to work as a veterinary technician while attending night school, and obtained a Bachelors degree in biology and another in chemistry.  I was accepted to vet school in 1997 and my childhood dream came true in 2001, when I graduated from the University of Missouri – College of Veterinary Medicine. I received two scholarships from the College of Veterinary Medicine, recognizing both outstanding skills in veterinary medicine, as well as client relationships and patient care.

Upon graduation, I spend the next 4 years working and volunteering in St. Louis honing my veterinary skills before purchasing Spencer Creek Animal Hospital in 2005.

My mission is to provide high-quality veterinary care with the same kindness and compassion in which we would treat our own pets and friends.  I cherish the relationships I have had and still have with my clients and patients. I love my own pets like family, but I also love interacting with all of my extended pet family at the animal hospital.

I have worked with multiple shelters and rescue organizations since graduation gaining extensive experience in shelter medicine as well as a genuine love for animal rescue.

When not at Spencer Creek Animal Hospital, I enjoy great food, live music, and biking with my loving husband, David…. and of course endless fetch and playing with our furry family.

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Office Hours

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